Celebrating Mothers

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother's Day.  We took time out of our busy lives to have brunch or give gifts or send flowers or make dinner for the women that take care of us on a daily basis.

It just got me thinking how profound a job being a mother is.  It's an incredible responsibility to be a caregiver.... life giver... love giver.... 365 days a year... from the moment that child is conceived.  

I am extremely lucky to have a mother who is my source of strength... my morals... my root.  It is because of her I love the way that I do... I take care of people the way that I do.... I see the world the way that I do.  I am grateful.... so truly grateful.

I tell my mom whenever I see her that, "she's the prettiest girl in the world."  I believe that.  And I think it's so important that she hears it.  My wish for my mom is that she receives love and appreciation... and grasps what a phenomenal woman she is.   And so, I tell her.  

Women sometimes don't hear that from their kids... or spouses.  Sometimes in the mess of life, we forget to say these important validating statements.  I hear it everyday from women in my life.  And I always think, "What a shame."  It's not that their loved ones don't feel it.  They probably do.  But... sometimes we don't take the time.

Tell your mom she's beautiful.  Tell her how much you appreciate her and why.  Tell her she's not only an incredible mom... but a kick-ass woman who's overcome her own struggles and has had triumphs that have nothing to do with you!  Tell her... because she should hear it.... everyday.... not just on Mother's Day.   

Spreading the love!

To all the Mother's in my life... thank you for doing a beautiful job.

This photo is recently taken of my friend, Danielle, who will soon be a mom to her third daughter!  She's stunning!