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About the Artist:

Camile Grace

is a romantic artist, and story-teller at heart.  One of her favorite ways of conveying a story is capturing people's lives.  Just a woman and her camera, her quixotic eye and desire to see more than her backyard has taken her overseas to places with a plethora of stories, such as Italy’s Tuscany Region, her family’s roots in Sicily, Milan, London and Paris.  She longs to be inspired by different cultures and looks forward to future travels. 

Whether it is Portrait Photography or Candid Street Photography, Camile relishes in exploring the different facets of who people are.     


Zwanger Pesiri Magazine (April 2017 - Cover)

HiConcept Magazine

Teen Trend Magazine

Long Island Pulse Magazine

Hauppuage Patch 

Babylon Village Patch

Smithtown Patch

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