Easter Sunday - Finding Peace

My mom always pointed out that it usually rains on Good Friday.  But, not this year. This year... it was a bright, cool, peaceful spring day where I found myself drawn to Argyle Lake in Babylon.  

I spent the afternoon looking at the world around me.  I took the time to really see it. To absorb what was going on.  As I exchanged glances and smiles with people... I recognized a peace in them that I was feeling in myself that moment.  

We had all been drawn there on Good Friday afternoon.  Me, searching for time sitting underneath my Cherry Blossom Trees.  Fathers and sons fishing together.  An old man sitting on a bench in the bright sun, with his eyes closed.  A woman chasing her 3 year old granddaughter around.  People walking their dogs.  Children watching the ducks and playing on swings.  A father and daughter spending time together in their special place.  Birds chirping, wind blowing.  Peace.

I became extremely thankful for that moment and I realized... God was all around me. In the connection of the loved ones... in the solitude of those sitting on a bench or walking their pups. And I sat there smiling and watching people take that moment to slow down in their busy lives. 

And then... a live enactment of stations of the cross came around Argyle Lake, right passed where I was sitting.  And I thought..."How interesting.  I chose not to go to church... but church came to me."  

We all need to slow down sometimes.  Life's troubles can be overwhelming.  I propose this on Easter Sunday... Get off your phones and look around.   Be present with the ones you love. Look at the beauty of this world. It's in the laughter of children.  It's in the hug from your best friend.  It's in the wind in the trees. It's in the kiss from your spouse.  It's in the kindness of strangers.  

I thank God... the Universe... for these things.... and hope you take the time to really see them and have a grateful moment for yourselves today.  

God Bless... and Happy Easter!