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Boudoir Portraits

3 Location Options:

Bed & Breakfast

In Your Bedroom

Anywhere your heart desires... feel free to be creative!   Kitchen, Garden... the woods! 

There's no reason a Boudoir Shoot has to be in the bedroom!

**On Location Fee will be applied to any photo shoot contingent upon location*

Celebrate your body by doing a photo shoot in your bedroom or on a beautiful backdrop.  This is a perfect way to boost your confidence and have a little fun!   Explore all the different sides of your personality in this empowering photo shoot.  You will come out of it feeling like a million bucks!  

And of course we've all asked the question, "What do you get a lover that's has everything?"  Well, isn't this the most interesting answer!  

This is sure to add just the right amount of spice when you really need it!

A Perfect gift for Valentine's Day or Your Anniversary...

or simply to Empower Yourself!  

Rock the Dress / Mess the Dress

Who says you only get to wear that beautiful wedding dress once?   Take that dress out of the box and give it new life!        This shoot will take us on location to explore some fun and fantasy in the most interesting locations you can think of!  

Two Choices:

Rock the Dress:  Revel in dramatic hair and make-up and rock your dress model style!

Mess the Dress:  After being poofed and plucked... sometimes a girl just wants to get dirty! Whether you just want to have some fun, or perhaps have gone through a divorce and want to celebrate your new found freedom... mess the dress will be a liberating experience!

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Outdoor or Studio

A headshot can determine whether or not you get called in for an audition.  It should be a great representation of what you have to offer... The best version of you... that looks like you.

I like to shoot outside in natural lighting. A park or a small town with many background options is an ideal setting.

If you prefer an indoor setting, to avoid a fight with the wind and cold weather of the winter months... I have both a white and black backdrop that work nicely for headshots. 

Couple Portraits

Did you just get engaged and need to send out announcements?   Have you been together forever, but just can't seem to get a good photo together?    Have a beautiful and fun shoot in a park or on a beach to show how unique and gorgeous you are together!

Family Portraits

Have a memorable shoot for the whole family in a park or beach or, for a personal touch, in your own home.   Take a moment to capture your family dynamic and what you mean to each other.

Pregnancy Portraits

Take  this time to capture this unique and amazing time in your life.    It's something you will treasure for years to come.

It can be a couple shoot in the park with your partner, or a special time to celebrate this milestone alone.  Or it can be a little of both.

Fantasy Pregnancy Portraits

Drape yourself in amazing lush materials and jewelry, or whatever your imagination leads you.  This can be the ultimate way to highlight the magic.  This kind of shoot is really unique and is sure to be an amazing piece of art in your home.

Newborn Portraits 

Capture the first moments of your baby's life in a unique and personal photo shoot in the comfort of your home or in studio.  

Capture the peaceful sleep, curiosity and giggles!

Dance Portraits

Your own Dance Studio

Capture the beautiful lines of your body and your passion for dance.  Perfect for college portfolio.

Special Events

Let me capture the memorable moments shared with friends and family as you enjoy your event.  

I shoot everything from corporate events to your child's birthday party.

Fun Photo Booth

Includes: backdrop, fun accessories.

Your guests will leave with a 2x6 Photo Booth Style Print.  (4x6 prints also available.)

2 Fun Photo Booth Photographers


2 Photographers to capture your beautiful big day!

Packages available.

Real Estate Photos

I can help you feature a home you are trying to sell.   I can set up a room to make it enticing to the viewer... wanting them to be in that space.  I'll shoot multiple angles on the exterior and interior of the home, edit the photos, and give them to you on a CD to post to your website or feature however you wish.

Theatre Production Photos

Capture all the work and skill it takes to put into a great production. 

I'll come in for your dress rehearsal and shoot while you run, as well as posed shots onstage afterward. 

Product Photography

I can help you feature your products that beautifully on your website.  If customers can see what they are buying displayed in an ideal way, it is sure to boost business.

Make-Up and Hair: