Wedding Day.  Pinned curls.  Lace.  Veil. Something new.  White. Rings.  Pearls. Diamonds.  Something borrowed. High Heels. Airbrush. Love songs. Centerpieces. Something blue.  Bouquets.  Baby's breath. Soft. Pure. Perfect.   The Dress....  The Dress...... Oh, The Dress!

A Dress that awesome should never be worn just once!  (I capitalize "Dress" in this sentence... because we should all honor and praise it....and hold it in the highest regard!)

One of my favorite things to do is re-purpose!  Doing a very different photo shoot, without your mom and bridesmaids... without the stress of having to get to the cocktail hour.  Just the bride (or bride and groom), me and a camera.

Let me paint a picture!

ROCK THE DRESS SHOOT.  Runway hair... Big and FIERCE!  Dramatic makeup!  Model! Boots!   Rockin' necklace!  Bracelets for days!  Your favorite bad-ass rock song playing! Edgy! Fun! Relaxed! Showing your color shine through all that white!  


MESS THE DRESS SHOOT.  Let's face it.... your daughter probably won't wear your dress in 30 years.  Jump in the ocean!  Be an artist... play around in paint!  Roll around on the beach!  Have a food fight with your husband!  Skies the limit!  

This time... September, October, November - post-wedding, is the perfect time for one of these shoots!  It can be whatever you want! I'd be thrilled to brainstorm great ideas that will reflect you!  

SOOOO MUCH FUN!  Get back in that dress before you box it up!  Don't you want to feel great wearing it, just one more time!  

I said it once... I'll say it again.  A dress that awesome should never be worn just once!