The Beginning...

It is wedding season!   My Love and I will be going to our fourth wedding in 4 months tonight. And another in a few weeks.  The weddings we have been to are all people that are so important to us.  It inspires me to see so much love around.

I had the honor of officiating the wedding of my best friend, Katie and her new husband, Josh a few weeks ago.  As she read a letter from him... and got into her stunning dress, I thought about how amazing this time in our lives is.  Full of possibility and life and adventures we can foresee... and some we can't even imagine.  Their wedding was truly spectacular... full of sincerity, and elegance and peppered with truly personal touches from start to finish.  It really represented this glorious couple perfectly.

It's so interesting ...  all the wedding planning... picking out flowers and dresses and shoes and favors.  Having been in theatre my entire life... I understand the production of a wedding... the details are important to create this beautiful picture.  

But, the more exciting thing... sometimes scary because of the variables, is planning a life together.   My advice to brides... don't forget that at the end of the day... it doesn't matter if the cake didn't come out perfectly ... or if the flowers wilted by the end of the night.  You just married the person that will stand by you through all the bad cakes and wilted flowers.... and hopefully will buy you fresh ones when you need it!  

"It has always been you... you. ... You that pulled me from the longest sleep and kissed my tired eyelids awake." -Tyler Knott Gregson

I dedicate my first blog to my beautiful friend Katie, and her handsome new husband, Josh.  A stunning couple that is destined for s stunning life together.  

And to all getting married this summer... enjoy this time in your life.

Remember to live in the moment.